Holy Spirit Events
May 29 - Celebration honoring Father Philip

May 30 - Episcopal Walking Club

June 1 - Culinary Angels

June 6 - Dining With Friends

June 14 – Watchung Convocation youth field day at Holy Spirit.

Community Events

June 7 - Luncheon to help moms and babies

Good Friday Day of Service Photos

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CHS Photo Directory
Holy Spirit News
Recipes wanted...

Planning Ahead for Sunday School

Save the dates: Vacation Bible School - August 3 - August 7

May Faire Pictures

Solar System Wall Hanging a Gift to CHS

Fr. Philip's Annual Meeting Presentation

Delivered at the Annual Meeting, January 25, 2015

Printed Copies of 2015 Photo Directory Now Available

CHS Online Photo Directory Is Operational!

Safe and secure - a great way to get to know our parish family!

"Find What Is Real" - A Short Introduction to Church of the Holy Spirit

Please share this! Our Door Is Always Open

"I Am... Holy Spirit" - A Video Introduction

Please share this!  Our Door Is Always Open

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