Prison Ministry

The volunteers at Church of the Holy Spirit engage in a variety of ministerial activities at the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women in Clinton, New Jersey. As New Jersey's only facility for women, Edna Mahan houses about 800 women who are incarcerated for a variety of reasons in both Maximum and Minimum Security.

There are two types of ministries that take place during the month. On Monday and Tuesday afternoon (1 until 3pm), volunteers visit the women in both Maximum and Minimum Security and either knit or crochet shawls for anyone who might be in the need of healing or comfort or celebration. These shawls travel all around the world and the women never know who will receive their gift of time and talent. This most worthwhile endeavor demonstrates to all that the women in this Shawl MInistry at Edna Mahan are women of faith who wish to give back to their community. With the assistance of the women at Edna Mahan, the Church of the Holy Spirit gives annually over 200 shawls to the worldwide community.

On two evenings a month (the second Wednesday or the third Monday of the month), several volunteers visit the prison in both Maximum and Minimum Security and provide a Bible Study and Evening Prayer service for the women who wish to come to a Christian gathering. There is singing hymns of praise, praying for ourselves and the needs of others, reading Holy Scripture, and reflecting on the words of God for our daily lives. The Holy Spirit is always present and both the women and the volunteers experience the Spirit's power.

If you are interested in this life changing ministry, please contact John Andrews.

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