Windows of the Spirit
Baptize window
Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit
Lebanon, NJ

The windows at Church of the Holy Spirit are inspired by depictions of the Holy Spirit throughout the Old and New Testament. The biblical activity and description of the Spirit is rich with symbol, sign and metaphor. The windows maintain an integrity with the biblical record and are necessarily non-referential and abstract. They are designed to provoke rather than instruct. The windows invite the viewer to explore the possibilities and meanings of the nature and person of the Holy Spirit.

The Lambert glass used in the windows is hand-blown material from Germany, each piece unique and irreproducible using raw elements such as gold and silver. The material blends multiple colors and opacities enabling larger piecework, and supporting a water-colored appearance inspired by Georgia O'Keefe. Each window has been designed as much by the nature of the glass as by the intention of the artists. In the same way, the welded framework has been created to support the free flowing medium of the glass. There are no horizontal or vertical bars which are typically added to support the weight of the glass and preventing bulging and cracking. The strengthening supports have been manufactured so as not to disrupt the flow of design.

You are invited to see and reflect upon the movement of the Spirit in your own life.

Lord God, the whole world is filled with the radiance of your glory: Accept our offering of these windows which we dedicate to you for the adornment of this place and the inspiration of your people. Grant that as the light shines through it in many colors, so our lives may show forth the beauty of your manifold gifts of grace; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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(Photos by Sandy Burton)
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